Put our team together in a room, and all the places they’ve been would cover every corner of the continents. We are eager to pull our stories out of our backpack, and share them with your readers and customers. Even if we haven’t been to a specific place you need covered, we know how to put our nose to the grind and uncover all the best kept secrets a city has to offer. Whether you need a city itinerary, a top-10 listicle, or an informative destination piece, our team is ready to deliver superior content that will exceed all your expectations. Whatever you need, wherever you want covered—we’re ready.


    Our collective of travel content creatives can supply your website with positively pristine web copy that speaks your brand’s language. You can trust us to be stewards of your brand. Your brand is your baby and it deserves all the care and attention in the world. So wherever we are in the world, we can be trusted to deliver the absolute highest level of conscientiousness and consideration in regards to your brand, and it’s digital home— your website. Whether you own a travel magazine, hotel, tourist board, or booking agency, we’ll make sure your website copy is completely compelling and tells your story.


    If you have someone on your own team who is an excellent writer and shares our passion for travel writing, then we would love to take a look at their work. We are happy to help and support our clients who already have staff or team members who are writing travel content for your brand. It couldn’t hurt to have an extra set of eyes, now could it? How about razor-sharp eagle eyes who know exactly how to turn a phrase and send readers running to your mailing lists, their shopping cart, or whistling to the tune of your brand? Our team of professional copy editors know precisely how to proofread to get your desired result. Your team puts pen to paper, we turn that paper into gold.


    As part of the travel blogging community, we naturally have access to hundreds of travel bloggers, from the new kids on the block to the popular and well established. If your travel brand is looking to collaborate with bloggers, we can advise and help you reach them.


    As an add on to our writing services or as a stand alone product, our social media gurus can help you manage your social media accounts. We can take this important but time-consuming task from you or your team and ensure your brand is continually active.


    If you’re a hotel, tour agency, magazine or any other travel related business, we can build you an awesome website. We only use the worlds #1 selling WordPress theme so know it inside and out, meaning projects are finished quickly and low-priced!


Here at the Travel Content Collective, we like to keep things simple. That’s why we have a very simple pricing structure. We charge per 250 words for our engaging travel content. This makes ordering a piece of cake! Do you want a 1250 word article about the best places to stay in Bali? How about a 2000 word listicle about the best hotels in Prague? No problem! Whatever you wish for is our command. If we end up delivering a few words over, which often is the case with our passionate and committed writers, well that’s free content for you since we don’t charge for every single word written

No hidden charges

That’s right. There are no hidden charges, fees, or taxes. We don’t charge you for anything on top of our per 250 word ratecard. That means that all of our customer support and administration is free of charge!



We’re also happy to discuss any add-on services that you and your brand may require. Perhaps you need our team of writers to compose their piece directly on WordPress, or maybe you’d like some help sourcing photos for your travel content. Just let us know what you need and we’ll snap our fingers and make it happen. By snap our fingers we mean do the writing, posting, searching, editing, and crafting to make dazzling things happen. No baking though, we just don’t travel with our cake supplies.



Do you have a large ongoing need for content? Hats off to you! That means you have a burgeoning company and brand that is in need of high-quality engaging and unique travel content. That also means that the Travel Content Collective is for you! Not only can we deliver large ongoing monthly orders, but we also offer discounts starting at over 20,000 words per month. Basically, the larger the order, the cheaper the rate you get from us. Over 80% of our clients order in bulk with us every month of the year. We can be trusted to deliver top-notch compelling content that meets your demands and your deadlines. We value our partnership with you and want to make sure we can work with you long term, in a way that’s both economic and practical for you to maintain your ongoing costs.


Travel Content Collective is your one-stop-service for your travel content. You might wonder, why not just hire your own writers and skip the middle-man? To name a few, here are some reasons to use Travel Content Collective

  • We’ll save you a ridiculous amount of time: Have you ever tried managing a team of writers? Well let us tell you, it’s not exactly a walk in the park. Trying to put kittens in a basket comes to mind… That’s why many of our clients come to us because they simply don’t have the time to source multiple writers, test multiple writers, brief multiple writers, and finally chase multiple writers when deadlines have been missed and then only have to go back to them to request edits. We can do all that for you so you just have to brief one of our account managers and then wait for us to return what you asked for. Presto! Magico! You can spend all that saved time on other areas of your business, or doing yoga, or learning Portuguese, or teaching yourself how to play guitar. Whatever suits your fancy!


  • We’ll do the research for you: All our writers are excellent researchers so you can trust us to deliver accurate travel content. You want an article about the best travel gear? We’ll recommend the best of the best. Want to share with your readers the best beaches to visit in a particular city? If our writers don’t already know the answer, they’ll quickly seek out all the best-kept secrets and insider knowledge there is to find. City itineraries? We’ll take your readers to all the known and unknown hot spots all over the globe. Trust us. We’re that good.


  • We’ll do the editing: One of our editors always proofreads your content before delivery. When hiring your own writers you’ll have to spend a lot of time proofing and editing the articles yourself. A minimum of 2 team members work on every single piece of text we produce to make sure we always deliver the highest quality travel content.


  • Easy payment: You’ll receive only one single invoice from us each month making payment super quick and easy for all your travel content needs. No more processing a pile of payments for different writers. We accept payments via PayPal, Transferwise or BACS (UK customers only).


  • We’re always open: You can contact Travel Content Collective seven days a week. Our team of nomadic travel writers is large enough for someone to be on hand for your urgent order. No more waiting around for your writer or writers to return from vacation or sick leave. Even when we’re on the go, we’re always there for you.


  • No more on-going employee costs: Say goodbye to the extra lines in your budget for writer recruitment, overtime, sick leave, and vacation. The Travel Content Collective is one huge cost-saver. Just pay for what you need.


That’s it. What did we say, easy as pie right? Or did we mention cake? Either way, the Travel Content Collective is your one-stop magic shop that produces compelling words and SEO shattering content. Ready to order? Drop us a line and get ready to be amazed, and to have a lot more free time on your hands and money in your pockets.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.