Whether you’re producing travel articles, informative content for your website, content marketing, or anything else, it must always be current.


But, it’s about more than just keeping your readers happy and engaged with updated and relevant content.


Existing content on your website can, unfortunately, be detrimental to your search engine rankings for several reasons.


If, for example, your existing content isn’t judged by of high quality – if it doesn’t attract engagement, has little organic traffic, if it contains errors or inaccuracies (whether they’re a product of the passing of time or they’ve always been there, and if user search intent has shifted over time – you need to remove it or engaged in regular content refreshing.


So, what’s the solution when it’s hard enough just producing new content regularly


Luckily, you don’t have to delete all your old articles and start from scratch. Certainly, deleting some can be beneficial – those that are very low quality or bear little relevance anymore.


However, the simple act of refreshing content can make a world of difference. What you need is a content refresh strategy!


At the Travel Content Collective, we offer our customers an old blog article updating and editing service so that we can make the most of the content you already have – and have either spent time creating or paid writers to produce.


Our team of experienced writers and editors knows exactly how to tweak existing articles to not only make them relevant to the current readership but most importantly, how to update SEO to optimise your SER and rank well on Google.


Here are some of the things our writers and editors look out for and do during the editing process:

Correct Factual Errors

Things that are outdated and are no longer true due to the content being old.

Lack of SEO

We’ll add SEO to articles that are not optimised for Google.

Update SEO

Google is constantly changing its rules regarding SEO general ranking but perhaps more importantly user search intent changes over time.


Our writers are always on top of changes and updates, so we’ll be able to apply these technical changes to your content and we thorouhgly research search intent for your exisiting keywords.

Improve Overall Content Quality

High-quality, engaging writing is essential for good user experience (UE), so if necessary, we can rework and rewrite articles to ensure that they’re of the highest possible standard.

Depending on the quality and age of your content we offer a few different levels of this updating service:


  1. Editing
  2. Updating
  3. Rewriting


…and we can and will evaluate your content for its ability to rank on the first page of Google.

By updating your content in this way, we’ll help you achieve improved SER and gain more readers and visitors to your website.