The world is always changing, with new and exciting innovations constantly being developed to make our lives and our jobs easier. This is certainly true in our industry of content creation, with artificial intelligence (AI) taking the world by storm and creating a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities. Some may find it frightening – perhaps even a little threatening – but at the Travel Content Collective, we recognise the exciting ways in which we can use an AI writing tool as a tool to improve our offerings. These days, just about anybody can use AI to generate content. All you need to do is give your commands and within seconds, you’ll be provided with entirely unique content that sounds like it’s been written by a human.


The software is relatively inexpensive, the process is incredibly quick, and at first glance, the content seems perfectly adequate for publishing. However, as impressive as AI-generated writing is at first glance, there are still several flaws that can’t be ignored if you’re committed to producing top-quality, reliable content.

Factual Errors

AI technology is incredibly advanced and it can source information from a vast number of sources, but while this is advantageous in many ways, the major disadvantage is that it can’t always detect factual inaccuracies.


As a result, it’s not uncommon for AI to create content that includes mistakes that are portrayed as truths.


Since information is being collected from all over the web, AI software occasionally claims other people’s information as its own, as it cannot always accurately discern the difference between what would and wouldn’t constitute plagiarism in the same way humans can.


As AI writing tools get better, there will be less mistaken attribution, but it is a serious issue if you publish work from someone else. You leave yourself open to be sued (and you can’t blame the AI editing tool!)

Implicit Bias

Implicit bias is present in most (if not all) writing, but this means that an Ai writing tool tends to regurgitate these biases and opinions in the content it produces, which can sometimes portray opinions as fact, or promote dangerous (or uncouth) opinions.


As AI writing tools get better, there will be less mistaken attribution, but it is a serious issue if you publish work from someone else. You leave yourself open to be sued (and you can’t blame the AI editing tool!)

Generic Tone

AI-generated content seems to have a pretty generic tone that lacks personality, making it less exciting to read.


It can also be very difficult to achieve your brand voice via an AI tool as it’s difficult to appropriately provide descriptions and instructions.

Lack of Creativity

An AI-powered text editor will source information from the web that already exists, so it’s not able to include new information and unique ideas. An AI powered tool does not engage in a creative process!


Now, this may seem like a convincing argument not to use an AI tool, but we actually disagree.


There’s no doubt that while AI tools come with many flaws, it still has a lot to offer us – and that’s where we come in.


Travel Content Collective offers an AI editing service that combines the generation of content by AI software with human editing to ensure your long form content is unique, creative, factually accurate, free from plagiarism, and written in the tone of your choosing.

How do we get this right? Our experienced writers use AI-generated content as a first draft, before picking through the content with a fine-toothed comb to detect both ordinary mistakes as well as errors unique to ChatGPT.


Because, at the end of the day, there are still several reasons why you still need a human editor to ensure your blog post contains amazing content.

Here are just some of the things we human editors at TCC are busy doing:

  1. Fact checking the results of content produced by an AI tool
  2. Evaluating the appropriateness of colloquial versus formal language that goes far beyond a simple grammar-checker or AI proofreader
  3. Assessing the appropriateness of tone
  4. Ensuring on brand copy for website and social media posts that double down on your unique brand voice
  5. Adding creative flare
  6. Evaluating (and removing) biases
  7. Removing competitor references
  8. Detecting plagiarism
  9. Adding personal experience so that the blog content we produce for you is personalized content

In addition to our team being experienced and accomplished writers, they’re also passionate travellers living all around the world.

This means that we can use destination experts from our team to fact-check all our content beyond the scope of generic research – that’s what sets us apart.

At Travel Content Collective, we’ve fine-tuned the writing process of generating AI content and applying our knowledge, skills, and humanity to edit it in such a way that makes it unique, accurate, creative, and engaging.