Best Travel Niche Ideas for 2024

Best Travel Niche Ideas for 2024

Best Travel Niche Ideas for 2024

If you run a travel blog, it is becoming harder than ever to get your content noticed. It seems every man and his dog is offering advice on where to go and what to see at any given destination around the world.

For this reason, to help you stay ahead of the pack – and more importantly – keep your SEO rankings high on Google, you constantly need to come up with new travel niche ideas that cater to trending interests.

That is where we can help you. In our opinion, niche tourism posts are the way to go in 2024. Not least because they will help position travel bloggers as experts within certain spheres of the industry.

So, which travel niches should you focus on?

Here is our take on 20 of the best niche tourism topics to focus on this year.

1. Sustainable Travel Escapes

Travellers these days have a growing awareness of environmental issues related to travel. In particular, sustainable travel has gained momentum in the last few years.

Sustainable Travel Escapes

In 2024, we expect eco-conscious travel blog posts to come to the fore, especially as more people want to visit travel destinations that prioritise green practices.

From eco-friendly accommodations and carbon-neutral transportation options to guilt-free ways to explore the world, there is plenty you can write about concerning sustainable travel.

Destinations like Costa Rica, Iceland, Guyana and New Zealand are just some of the countries that provide immersive, eco-friendly travel experiences.

2. Honeymoon destinations

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the wedding industry suffered significantly due to lockdown and social distancing laws.

Honeymoon destinations

However, having got back on its feet, couples are getting married at the same level as they were pre-pandemic.

What this means for travel companies is that more and more people are looking for both destination weddings as well as epic honeymoon destinations.

Subsequently, there are various countries in the world you can incorporate into blog posts within this particular travel niche.

3. Cruises

Cruise lines also suffered major downturns during the pandemic, receiving very negative press that has put many people off booking a trip. However, the industry is fighting back.

Thanks to some incredible travel deals and the opening up of new routes, companies like Royal Caribbean, P&O and even the new Virgin Cruises are starting to thrive.

As a result, an increasing number of people want reassurance that it is safe to cruise again, which should provide you with lots of blog post inspiration.

4. Family travel

Families are always looking for new ideas of where to go on holiday. Therefore, you would be wise to curate content for this audience.

Family travel

Mix this content up with your take on some classic destinations and other, more unusual places people might not have previously considered.

Spread them around between even more specific travel niches like coastal, city, country or eco-friendly places.

5. Digital Detox Retreats

Most of us are guilty of spending too much time scrolling on our phones or working at our computers in the office, which has given rise to the number of people wanting a digital detox.

Digital Detox Retreats

Why not review remote locations with limited connectivity, such as the Faroe Islands, Sudan and Bhutan?

Alternatively, focus on retreats that encourage travellers to put away their devices, immerse themselves in nature and embrace mindfulness, wellness and the beauty of the present moment.

In pretty much every country in the world, there are places to write about that offer limited connectivity. Hence, there is a large scope to work within this particular travel niche.

6. Solo female travelers

Solo travel continues to be a rising travel niche, especially for women, who make up an astonishing 85% of this particular travel niche. So, creating content for them is another sizeable market you can tap into.

As well as writing about topics such as the best travel destinations for solo female travellers, you can also focus your blog posts on certain challenges, questions or issues women might have when travelling alone.

Doing this can also be an excellent way to facilitate engagement (and potentially guest posts) with other travel bloggers.

7. Voluntourism

Travellers are increasingly embracing Voluntourism as a way to enjoy meaningful experiences that go beyond mere sightseeing.


Voluntourism is a practice that allows individuals to immerse themselves within the local culture of a new destination whilst contributing towards development projects, for instance, for indigenous communities.

Whether it’s building schools in Africa or participating in wildlife conservation efforts in South America, voluntourism can provide a sense of purpose and fulfilment which many socially conscious travellers would love to read about.

Like sustainability it’s a travel niche who’s time has come.

8. Visiting Sites

There are plenty of famous sites and landmarks you can choose to write an extensive travel blog post about.

Whether you decide to review a visit to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Niagara Falls in Canada or Machu Picchu in Peru, the world is (literally) your oyster.

Just make sure you answer as many questions as the reader might have and provide practical information the reader will find useful if they ever end up visiting these places.

Have a read around other travel blogs that cover these subjects and don’t be afraid to invest the time  (or money, if you are outsourcing) to create in-depth posts based on personal experience that will outrank your competitors.

9. Budget Travel

The act of travelling is still an expensive undertaking for many people. So, if you run a budget travel blog, you would be wise to expose yourself to this market by publishing a suite of relevant articles. 


Focusing on aspects such as the most inexpensive way of getting to various destinations, the cheapest places to stay and eat and any experience that costs little or no money is always a good starting point.

The beauty of this travel niche is that you can focus your content on day trips, city breaks, overseas trips, and holidays that can have a price associated with them. For example, ‘How to see Tallinn for less than $50 a day’.

10. Sports and Events Travel

On any given weekend hundreds of thousands of people in pretty much every country around the world travel for a sports match or event such as a music festival.

Yet in the sphere of travel blogging, there aren’t that many websites that curate content specifically with this in mind.

Consider writing posts such as ‘where to stay in Sydney for Taylor Swift’s upcoming concert’. Or ‘What to see in London after the Champions League Final in 2024’.

Undoubtedly, plenty of people will be interested in your recommendations.

11. Island Hopping Experiences

Whether it be in the Caribbean, Australia, Greece, or the United Kingdom, travellers love to visit islands because it enables them to explore multiple destinations within a single trip.

It also enables them to immerse themselves in diverse cultures and landscapes and enjoy different experiences such as surfing, snorkelling or scuba diving.

Overall, there are about 11,000 permanently inhabited islands around the world, many of which can be visited as part of a cluster over a few days.

With a little bit of research, you can derive some enticing itineraries.

12. Underwater Explorations

While the world is full of landmarks, sights and attractions on land, there is also plenty to see underwater and it is an underrepresented but rich source for travel niche ideas.

Underwater Explorations

Many places offer exceptional scuba diving, snorkelling and photography opportunities to see thousands of species of marine life in their natural habitat.

The Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Maldives are just two of the many destinations you can write about for these types of activities.

13. Travel tips on various destinations

At any given time, scores of people are planning their first visit to a new destination. For this reason, posts outlining travel tips for various destinations will always be popular.

The key, though, is providing information that isn’t readily available elsewhere.

Your post also needs to answer as many questions as possible to address the concerns or queries travellers might have about visiting the place you are writing about.

This is just one example of a travel niche not being an activity or a destination.

14. Educational Travel for Skill Development

In the last decade, the number of people going on learning vacations has significantly increased, yet this travel niche topic doesn’t get written about as much.

Learning vacations is a concept whereby travellers combine their leisure time with the development of a skill.

Whether it’s a language immersion program in Spain, a cooking class in Goa, or a photography workshop in America, educational travel is another largely untapped content source travel websites can exploit.

15. Historical sites

The world is full of historical sites that many of us have never heard of, yet have played a significant role in the history of the country in which they are based.

Historical sites

So, it is worth creating a series of posts that highlight them, relevant to your blog.

Of course, you can write about famous historical sites like the Parthenon in Athens, Angkor Wat in Cambodia and the Taj Mahal in Agra, if appropriate.

But focusing on lesser-known UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Amphitheatre of El Jem in Tunisia, Mount Emei in China or Chan-Chan in Peru, can give your website a point of specialisation and a boost in Google rankings.

16. Vanlife Adventures

For the more free-spirited people in the world, the allure of life on the road has given rise to a movement called vanlife adventures.

Travellers, and in particular young couples, are taking breaks from their careers to explore the world at their own pace in vans that have been converted into cosy mobile homes.

Highlighting destinations such as the scenic coastal routes of California and the rugged landscapes of New Zealand, which are tailor-made for this type of lifestyle, should give you plenty of options for your content plan.

17. Review the Travel Industry 

If you run a travel-related blog, it is a good idea to devise a series of posts that highlight the industry. This could include showcasing current travel deals or reviewing a travel agent or travel company.

You may also want to focus on present issues the industry is facing.

Posts like these can provide plenty of relevant or real-time information that your readers are looking for, particularly if they are looking to book their next getaway.

18. Luxury Train Journeys

If you run a Luxury travel blog there are many experiences you can write about. However, one that sometimes gets overlooked in favour of deluxe resorts and beachfront hotels is luxury train journeys.

For some people, the journey of where they are travelling is as much of an adventure as the destination itself.

Subsequently, for them, luxury train journeys offer opulent, iconic and once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences.

From the Orient Express in Europe to the Maharajas Express in India, these train trips provide unparalleled luxury, gourmet dining and exceptional panoramic views, which you can highlight in your posts.

19. Adventure travel

For adrenaline junkies, extreme adventure challenges are the ultimate travel niche.

This includes activities like rock climbing, base jumping and ice climbing in some of the world’s most challenging environments – such as Patagonia, Nepal and Alaska.

Adventure travel

There is a lot of scope for content in this niche, as you can focus your posts around specific adventure sports, particular destinations or reliable adventure tour operators.

This is also another area where you can relate lots of pertinent travel tips, hints and general advice.

20. Gastronomic Experiences

Food is a huge part of the travel experience for many people. So it is always good to create posts that highlight aspects like ‘where to eat in Cairo’ or ‘the best restaurants in Rome’.

You could even take it a step further by showcasing specific gastronomic experiences, such as truffle hunting in Italy or street food options in Chang Mai. Travel niche ideas can also be food ideas!

Along with accommodation options, food recommendations are one of the main takeaways readers gain from travel-related blog posts. So, the more you can incorporate them into your posts, the more likely you are to resonate with them.

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