Team Travels – Aditi in Thailand

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Team Travels – Aditi in Thailand

What makes our content agency different to most others is that our content creators have a deep passion for our niche – travel. At Travel Content Collective, our team not only work in the travel sector – they also travel regularly or travel full time! Between us, we’ve been lucky to have travelled to most of the corners of the globe. Traveling is something our team could not live without.

Naturally, then, we decided to create a blog series called Team Travels where our team get the opportunity to share their recently travelled destinations.

In this first instalment of the series, travel writer and blogger Aditi tells of her recent trip to Thailand, one of South East Asia’s great nations.

Why did you go to Thailand?

I have lived and volunteered in Thailand before, and, despite what a lot of people believe, I found it a perfect place to take my mother on a holiday. I love how culturally sound and naturally beautifully the country is. Also, the transport system is amazing. You can practically travel from one corner of the country to another effortlessly.

After spending half a year volunteering in Thailand, I fell in love with the laid-back vibe that the country offers. Time has a way of slowing itself down a few notches here. Even when you party your heart out on the streets of Khao San or by the beach in Krabi, there is still something strangely relaxing about it all.

Oh, and nothing beats Thai massages. I mean, where else in the world could you experience an out-of-the-world, rejuvenating hour of massage for as low as USD $5!

What was the highlight of the trip?

I have been here thrice since my first visit in 2015, but, Thailand never ceases to amaze me. The smiling people, the grand Wats, the nature, the food, the beaches and the mountains – there is something special in every corner.

This year, I explored the country with my mother. And, even though I may not have had the chance to indulge in a night of crazy partying, everything that we did over the period of 10 days in the country was absolutely memorable – taking the bus from Chiang Mai to Pai around the 762 turns, shopping at the night markets (we almost spent all our travel money!), eating a huge platter of assorted seafood delicacies, drinking chilled (read: almost frozen) Chang to beat the summer heat.

One of the biggest highlights of our trip was the last few days that we spent unwinding by the Hua Hin Beach. Even though the town is just three hours away from the bustling city of Bangkok, being here felt no less than how it felt the last time I spend ten days at one of the lesser known islands in South Thailand (Psst! I am talking about Koh Kood/Koh Kut). Just a handful of tourists and an extremely peaceful atmosphere, Hua Hin is definitely the first on my “highlights of Thailand travel 2017 list.”

aditi team travels travel content collective

Colourful markets in Northern Thailand

What else did you enjoy while visiting Thailand?

I am a Blogger/Freelance Writer and a Foodie, so, basically, I just need two things to survive anywhere – Internet and Food (strange combination, I know). And, Thailand, has both in abundance. The Wi-Fi/Internet here may not the fastest or the most reliable and may even test your patience a bit at times (depending on which part of the country are you at), but, almost every cafe, guesthouse/hostel/hotel, restaurant, and even nightclubs have Wi-Fi, and most of them are free.

Plus, the OMG-like food – I could live off of Pad Thai and Khao Soi for a long, long time (maybe an occasional mango sticky rice, iced green tea, seafood platter, Tom Yum, Papaya Salad and a bottle of Chang will be nice too :p). But, you get what I mean. Even if you didn’t like Thai food so much (I don’t know why you wouldn’t), there are plenty of restaurants offering western food. Heck! I managed to eat Indian on my first day in Bangkok.

Also, I travel solo a lot and on a budget. Even though I give myself a few days of pampering and luxury, most of the time I stick to a budget. And, even though the currency here is double as compared to Indian Rupee, I was amazed at the things I could do, the food I could eat, places I could visit, and type of accommodation I could live in.

My mom and I spent only about $1,500 over 10 days that included our flights, accommodation, food, travelling, and lots and lots of shopping. And, trust me when I say this – we didn’t even budget for the trip and we may not have stayed at 4/5 star properties, but, the ones we stayed at were amazing (AC, attached bathroom, comfortable beds, wardrobe, TV, personal safe).

Anything you didn’t like about Thailand?

There is nothing about Thailand that I don’t like. The first time I was here in 2015, I mistook their extreme hospitality for interference, but, thankfully, I don’t feel the same way anymore. I love how concerned and helpful Thais could be towards people they have just met.

What single piece of advice would you give to others before travelling to Thailand?

Hmm, there are many – If you aren’t going to stay more than a week or 10 days in the country, don’t waste money on buying a SIM card with an expensive data plan. Chances are, wherever you stay or eat or visit, there will be Wi-Fi.

The sun can really get to you at times, so, keep yourself hydrated, wear a cap/hat, and put on sunscreen. Buy beer(s) at seven-eleven. If you love shopping even remotely, set aside some funds for you will go crazy at the many weekend markets and bazaars. And, don’t forget to smile – at every time, with everyone. It works miraculously!

At Travel Content Collective, like Aditi, we love to travel and love writing about it. If you need written content for your travel related business then please get in touch and we’d be very happy to discuss working together. 

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